Making Elf on the Shelf fun and memorable!

The Christmas holiday can be a stressful time for parents and kids. Here are some ideas and tips to make this easy, stress-free, and most of all a memorable experience!

  1. Explain the Tradition: It's important to example on Elf on the Shelf works - that the elf is placed around your home to keep an eye on your child(ren) and report back to Santa Claus about their behavior.

  2. Introduce Your Elf: Start by introducing the elf to your child(ren) and have them come up with a special name for it. This personalizes the tradition and makes it more magical for your family.

  3. Set the Ground Rules: Make sure you communicate to your child(ren) that the elf should not be touched. Explain that touching the elf might make its magic disappear, so it's essential to be gentle and careful.

  4. Elf's Daily Adventures: Plan creative and fun scenarios for your elf to be discovered in each day. Think about hiding it in the Christmas tree, having it play games with other toys, or even getting into some mischief.

  5. Consider Your Child's Age: When coming up with elf antics, keep your child's age in mind. Younger children might enjoy simpler story of the activity, while older kids can appreciate more elaborate setups.

  6. Capture the Moments: Don't forget to document your elf's daily adventures. Take photos or write notes to create a keepsake album or digital collection for your family to cherish.

  7. Incorporate Family Traditions: Try involving your elf in your existing family traditions. For example, it can help bake cookies, assist with decorating the tree, or participate in reading a special holiday story.

  8. Get Creative Together: Involve your child(ren) in brainstorming ideas for your elf's activities. This encourages creativity and makes the tradition even more engaging for everyone.

  9. Stick to the Routine: Remember to move your elf to a new location every night after your child(ren) are asleep. Consistency is key to maintaining the enchantment.

  10. Promote Good Deeds: Use the elf as a way to encourage acts of kindness and generosity. Let it "witness" good deeds and leave notes praising your child's behavior.

  11. Say Goodbye on Christmas Eve: It's important to have a special farewell for your elf on Christmas Eve as it returns to the North Pole with Santa. This can be a heartwarming way to conclude the tradition.

  12. Flexibility is Key: Keep in mind that you can adapt the tradition to fit your family's needs. If you need to skip a night or tweak the rules, that's perfectly fine.

  13. Enjoy the Magic: Lastly, have fun and fully embrace the magic of the holiday season with your child(ren). 
Remember that Elf on the Shelf is meant to be a delightful and imaginative tradition that strengthens the holiday spirit in your home. So, go ahead and make it your own while relishing in the enchantment it brings to your family.  Also if this is your first time or you don't have the time to come up with all of the activities and scenes, consider use our best elf kit that provides all the instructions, activities, and contents for you!