Best Elf Kit 2024 | Candy Cane Elf Kit
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  • Standard Candy Cane Edition

    24 days of mischief, mayhem, and laughs with your elf, all handcrafted with love from the USA. Each kit has scenes for one elf.

  • Shipped in Discrete Box

    Two boxes - an unmarked shipping box and a white unmarked box that contains all of the elf kit contents!

  • Got Multiple Kids?

    Kits are designed for one elf. Kits are also design for one child unless purchased for multiples. When purchasing for multiple kids, each kid receives: Paint set with canvas and easel, special edition Christmas Light glasses, solvable mini-rubix cube, and other activities!

  • Elf Kit Surival Guide via QR Code

    Digitally downloadable instructions, example pictures, ideas to extend your scenes with items around your house, and activities that you can into your Christmas holiday!

  • Arrival & Departure Letter

    Announces the arrival of your elf and some key things to follow for a fun time! Sign with your elf's name!

  • Naughty & Nice Cards

    5 official elf report cards to fill in your child's behavior and mark whether the behavior you observed was naughty or nice.

  • Each Day Individually Packaged

    Contains all the supplies to setup with minimal preparation required

  • Quick and Easy

    Create magical moments to capture on camera to remember for years to come!

  • Elf NOT Included

    There are many to choose from, including one available on Amazon which also includes the story to scene set the experience. 

  • Kit contains Small Items

    Kit contains small items that may not be suitable for young children.

Make Merry Memories this holiday season with our 2023 Elf Kit!

Are you ready to take your Elf experience to new heights this holiday season? Say hello to the BEST Elf Kit, the game-changer that will elevate your Elf adventures. This is the all-in-one solution that will turn your Elf journey into a mess-free, stress-free, and memory-filled holiday delight. It's the go-to kit for every busy mom with an overflowing to-do list who wants to create cherished merry memories with their little ones. And as a Speech Pathologist with expertise in child development and language skills, this kit has been thoughtfully created to not only spark joy and excitement during Christmas but also support your child's growth and development.


Candy Cane Standard Edition: 24 Day Elf Kit

 • Welcome for a new or returning elf along with a goodbye letter

 • 24 Premium scenes to enjoy mischief, mayhem, and laughs with your elf

 • Magical keepsakes for each child

 • 5 Naughty/Nice Cards

 • Pre-bagged by day with instructions and visuals

 • Less than 1 minute prep time for stress free fun

 • Magical Keepsakes for each child


**Kits do NOT include an elf or stand **

There are many to choose from, including one available on Amazon


When purchasing for multiple kids, each kid receives:

  • Paint set with canvas and easel

  • Special edition Christmas Light glasses

  • Solvable mini-rubix cube 

  • Game Console eraser

  • Maze activity worksheet

  • And More!!



Got Questions?

• See product images for a few examples or send us a message with your question!  We want this to be easy for you!  Please note, contents of kit are subject to change given product availability.


Vendor: Your Best Elf
Type: Seasonal & Holiday Decorations
Number of Kids: 1 Kid, 2 Kids (+$10), 3 Kids (+$20), 4 Kids (+$30)
Weight::  1.5 lb